ditto is excited to announce that we are joining forces with nexgen packaging

FROM experience

15 years
and counting

Since we started this company in 2006, we’ve learned everything there is to know about retail hangers. We’ve studied how they work in shipping programs, in DC sorting systems, in demanding retail store usage. We have also studied how to properly dispose of them. We’ve engineered a paper fiberboard for durability, designing hangers that won’t break, and at the same time, make our clients’ products look good. We’ve seen it all – and solved it all. With Ditto you aren’t just purchasing a beautiful retail hanger – you’re purchasing a proven and tested solution with 15 years of experience behind it.

closing the loop

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword to us

In the 15 years we have been doing this, the one constant that has been at our core is sustainability. We started Ditto in 2006 to engineer a retail level hanger that was 100% ecological. And along the way we found that truly good sustainable design actually makes the retail hanger more efficient (more garments shipped per carton), sells more products (fitting up to 50% more garments on retail display racks) and brand forward (customers love them). It’s more than just changing the material to a more sustainable one.