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NAPO and Ditto

APRIL 16, 2012

They're professionals that bring calm and order to our lives. They're not yoginis or psychiatrists. They're hard working members of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) [www.napo.net]. NAPO professionals get rid of the clutter and chaos of our every day lives and put things in their place.

Recently the Bay Area chapter of the NAPO discussed sustainability and the organizing process. Ditto Hangers were used as an example of how ecology and engineering an orderly life can intersect. Debra Baida of Liberated Spaces [www.liberatedspaces.com] wrote, "I touched on the topic of greenwashing and was asked how one can know if a company and their products are really 'green'. Oh, what a joy it was to pull out one of your (Ditto) Hangers and talk about sustainable design and how important it is to research and talk to the people behind the products we're curious about. My colleagues were amazed and got very excited when they learned they'd each get to take a hanger home with them. I love teachable moments! I thought I'd share the happy faces with you."

We love it too! Thanks Deb for the great photo as well!

NAPO and Ditto
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