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The Humble Hangers vs the Environment

Every day in the US an estimated 15.5 million plastic, wire and wood hangers are dumped into landfills -- every day! Worldwide, an estimated 8 billion hangers go into landfills every year. That’s enough to fill 4.6 Empire State Buildings from basement to observation deck -- every year!

And they don’t lie there quietly either. Plastic hangers made out of polystyrene (6) leach dangerous chemicals such as benzene into our drinking water. Polycarbonate (5) hangers leach bisphenol-A into our ground water. Both can take up to 1,000 years to break down. That’s over 40 generations -- all for a simple hanger.

Sustainable Design

Ditto Hangers Save*

 2,418 lbs of carbon
 17.44 barrels of oil
 121,129,281 BTU of energy
* 1 ton Ditto Hangers vs 1 ton Polystyrene Hangers
Everything we do, the decisions we make, the products we design, affects us all. One hanger in a landfill, not such a big deal. 15 million every day, that’s a problem.

The elegant simplicity of sustainable design is about looking at old products and solutions in a new way. How is a product used? What is the length of its useful life? Where will it likely end its life? What systems are there to reclaim its materials?

In a way Sustainable Design is reverse designing for proper disposal. Because nothing is worse for a company’s brand than to see its product blow across the street or wash up on the beach.

A retail hanger has a life of a day, a month or 3 months (the normal seasonal sales period). Does it make sense to make it out of a material that takes 1,000 years to break down? If 8 billion of them go into landfills, is it wise to make them out of a material that leaches dangerous chemicals into our drinking water?

We all know the answer is no.

At Ditto Hangers we pledge to find the best possible solution to solve some of industry's most vexing environmental problems. And we pledge to seek out new innovation and to keep current with operating systems so we can design our products to flow through them and stay in the loop.

We’re optimistic about the future and believe industry can and must provide leadership in conserving natural resources and taking responsibility for closing the loop on products.

In this section are some of the white papers we've written and some of the research done by others. Our research focuses on materials, processing, recycling, engineering and the environment. We welcome input and suggestions as well as corrections and additions. You can send input to environmentalissues@dittohangers.com.


Average Lifespan

Traditional GOH - Duo Hanger Systems
Human - 77.5 years
Galapagos Tortoise - 175 years
Bowhead Whale - 212 years

Typical PP/PS hanger in a landfill - over 1,000 years!