Ditto Hangers is merging with Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions to focus solely on selling our environmental Ditto Hangers directly to businesses. This will enable us to make a larger impact in eliminating plastic hangers waste around the world.

For businesses looking to upgrade their plastic hangers to environmentally friendly Ditto hangers, please visit Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions by clicking the button below.

Ditto Brand Solutions

For more information or questions please email

We would like to thank all of our fans and customers for bringing Ditto Hangers into their homes and small businesses. Without your support we would not be able shift our efforts to furthering Ditto’s global mission of keeping billions of plastic retail hangers out of our landfills and impacting our environment.

Be on the lookout for Ditto Hangers at retail shops and tell your local stores that still use plastic hangers, “No more plastic hangers!”